August 2019 Newsletter

Posted By on September 26, 2019

Save the Date!

The 1Misson community is going to hold its first annual potluck on Sunday, September 8th from 5-7pm in the courtyard.  Bring a dish to share with your neighbors, a beverage of your choice, and get to know your neighbors!

Developer Defect

At the July HOA meeting the Board voted to hire Cornerstone Managing Partners as the General Contractor to oversee the Developer Defect Repair Construction.  The work will be split into 2 phases.   Phase 1 is the design phase, where solutions to the sump pump overflow problem and the negative air pressure issue will be designed, documented, and permitted.  As part of the design for the negative air pressure solution several units will be selected to prototype and evaluate the proposed solution.  Once phase 1 is complete the Association will have fixed quotes for those repairs and will be able to determine what other defect repairs are possible.  Phase 2 is the actual construction work to implement the solutions throughout the entire community.  Additional information will be provided throughout the process.

Welcome to our new Manager

Patrick Anderson ( is the new Manager for 1Mission at Action.  Patrick has experience with Developer Defect repairs and is well positioned to support 1Mission through this process now that it is getting underway.  Action has also assigned a new Manager Assistant, Kaysia Stewart (  Please contact them with issues or to schedule moves, delivery, or construction.


The Association has seen an increase in plumbing issues predominately-involving the kitchen sink plumbing.  We have received feedback from multiple plumbers when on-site to address backups, and they recommend to discontinue use of garbage disposals for disposal of food and grease.  Food and grease are primary contributors to clogs and backups.  It was also recommended to wipe all food scraps, sauces, and oils into the trash prior to washing dishes.  Another recommendation is that you have a way to contact the units above and below you in case of an emergency.

The Association hired Pipe Trades to perform preventative maintenance on the kitchen sink waste plumbing.  This was performed in June for units 08-16 on each floor.  It involved hydrojetting the horizontal lines in the garage first, followed by cabling the sink drains in each unit, starting on the 5th floor and going down, and then hydrojetting the horizontals a second time to remove any materials freed up by the cabling.

Pipe Trades recommended against doing units x01-x07 at that time due to pinhole leaks in the sewer lines that service those units.  The pinholes are a due to poor sloping of the pipes which causes decomposition chemicals to attack material defects in the pipe.  As a result, the Association has hired Ivey Engineering to design improved sloping.  Once the design has been completed, the Association will send the project out to bid to replace and re-slope the lines.  The remainder of the plumbing preventative maintenance will be performed on the units in stacks 1-7 as soon as the re-sloping project has been completed. 

Meeting Room?

As wonderful as the summer is, it will eventually get dark and chilly in the evenings.  We no longer have access to Ascent’s community room and need to identify an alternative meeting space.  Do you know of any rooms in the community that could be a viable option?  Action Property Management has a meeting room located downtown and parking can be challenging.  The goal is to find a location that makes it easy for owners to attend and be involved in the Association.

Dryer Screen Cleaning

For units that have a built-in lint filter (5th floor units do not) the filter needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent buildup.  A clogged filter causes your dryer to work harder and could be hazardous.


If you are having painting done in your unit, please inform your painters to take extra care to keep paint off of the sprinkler heads.  The state-mandated inspections of the fire system include checks for paint on the sprinkler heads, which can result in a cost to the unit owner should it be necessary to replace affected heads.

Front Door

If you are having difficulties buzzing people in through the front door with your cell phone please try pressing 9 repeatedly and quickly.  Also make sure your guest tries the door on the right since the one on the left does not unlock.

1Mission Community Contact List

There was no 1Mission community contact list sent out in July since there were no updates.  The next update is scheduled for October.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to by September 30, 2019.

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