December 2019 Newsletter

Posted By on January 27, 2020

Happy Holidays from the Board

The Board would like to extend its wishes for a very happy and safe Holiday Season to all residents at 1Mission. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful community and neighborhood.

Holiday Gratuity

The Association does not provide holiday bonuses to vendors that work in the building.  Based on feedback from the membership, it was determined several years ago that recognizing 1Mission’s building engineer and janitorial staff during the holiday season would reside with individual owners.  This is a very delicate topic that people may handle in very different ways. The Association wants to provide owners the ability to recognize the people who care for our building as he/she determines as appropriate.


During the holiday season the building will naturally encounter an increase in cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials.  Please remember to break down all boxes before putting them in the blue recycle bins.  If the bins are full please hand carry recyclables to the large bins located in G1 and G2.  The floor in each of the small trash rooms must remain clear of any trash.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are allowed from the day after Thanksgiving until January 10th.  No owner or resident may place decorations on plants or other areas within the Association’s common areas.  Please ensure that holiday lights do not disturb other residences.

Fobs – Upcoming Changes

The fobs have been programmed so that when used to open the swing gate to the G2 parking garage, it also opens the G1 roll up gate.  In order to reduce the wear and tear created by the G1 gate opening unnecessarily, Access Professional Systems (APS) will be on site December 11 to reconfigure the gate controllers.  Once the reconfiguration is complete, each button will operate only 1 gate, as shown.  The Falcon street exit gate will continue to operate from the vehicle detection loop on the ramp.

Water in the Garage

The water in the garage is the result of a known developer defect where the sump pump on G2 is not capable of pumping the amount of water that comes from the roof and other sources.  The Board is working with Cornerstone Managing Partners (CMP), the Association’s construction manager, and other experts to design and implement a solution that will prevent the flooding.  In the meantime, please exercise caution when there is water present in the garages, and keep all of your items in the storage areas elevated off of the concrete.

Grass Removal and Water Discharge Violations

The Association has recently received two water discharge violation notices.  The laws specific to water discharge and runoff have changed since the construction of the building and the City of San Diego is now strictly enforcing the new laws.  If the Association does not demonstrate to the City that it is actively addressing the sources of the discharges, including our grass irrigation, the City will levy fines against the Association which can escalate to $15,000 per violation.  The Common Area Committee is working with the Association’s Landscaper and CMP to prevent this.  The recommendation from CMP is to remove the grass between the sidewalk and street on Fort Stockton and Falcon and replace it with packed decomposed granite and paving stones.  The Common Area Committee will be working to provide are recommendation to the Board.

Friendly Reminders

January 2020 HOA Fees

The Association’s 2020 budget includes a 5.0% fee increase in assessments.  If your monthly dues are paid through an automatic payment process please remember to update your monthly pay amount effective January 1, 2020.

Tree Disposal

An eblast will be sent out by the community manager later this month to provide information on tree disposal procedures.

Do You Know?

The best way to report non-urgent issues or concerns is via Action’s service desk at 949-450-0202 or via the Action Portal at and then My Community -> Work Order.  You can also email work orders to  This insures issues are routed to the appropriate people, which may vary due to vacations, holidays, or other circumstances.

The Building Engineer is responsible for maintenance of the common areas.  He is not allowed to work in your units or provide opinions on your maintenance issues.  Owners are responsible for maintenance of the HVAC equipment on the roof that services your unit.

1Mission Community Contact List

The next 1Mission community contact list will be sent out in January 2020.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to by December 31, 2019.

Management Team

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Management Company

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