August 2020 Newsletter

Posted By on August 7, 2020

Building Engineer

Our Building Engineer, Luis Green, was the subject of a horrific attack on July 11th.  While he recovers, we will have a temporary Engineer, Antonio Perez.  Due to previous commitments Antonio will be on site Mondays and Fridays.  Please schedule HVAC or Cable access on those days.  For more information about Luis or to help him out please see


Please be advised the Board and Action Property Management have worked with ProTec Janitorial Services to implement measures to address concerns about the transmission of COVID-19.  Our day porter, Raquel, is cleaning and sanitizing the entrance door surfaces and elevator buttons at least 3 times per day and has increased cleaning and sanitizing of the mail room and recycling bin lids as well as the trash chute handles.  Residents are responsible for the entrances to their units so that Raquel can focus on the common areas. 

Residents are welcome to disinfect surfaces as they enter and exit the property on the weekends, or remain at home, as ProTec is not on site on weekend days.

Please do not discard wipes or other non-toilet paper products in toilets as this may cause a backup. is a resource for staying up to date with the guidelines and mandates during this time.

Face Coverings and Elevator Etiquette

Please be aware that the California face covering mandate applies to the hallways and common areas at 1Mission which are considered public spaces.  The full policy including exemptions can be found at:

The requirement for social distancing also applies to the elevators, so please avoid crowding the elevators and be understanding if your neighbors may wish to travel in the elevators alone.

Security Update

There have been 2 vehicle break-ins and 2 storage cage break-ins recently, including at least one during the middle of a weekday afternoon.  Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle and make sure it is locked.  Footage from the security cameras has shown thieves jumping over both the G1 and G2 fences as well as a thief on a bicycle following a vehicle through the gate.  Be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution when entering or leaving the garage.

The storage cages have safety latches inside to prevent getting locked in the cage.  It appears that thieves have tools to activate the safety latches from outside and enter the cage.  You may want to consider adding a chain lock to the door.  An example of how to do this without interfering with the adjacent cage can be seen in the storage area in the northeast corner of the G2 parking area.  If your cage is in a storage room, please make sure to secure the deadbolt on the storage room door when you exit.  The storage rooms were broken into when the building was new before the deadbolts were installed.

Grass Replacement Project

As mentioned in the May newsletter, the Common Area Committee has been working on a project to remove the grass from the parkways on Fort Stockton Drive and Falcon Street.  The plan is to have the grass replaced with decomposed granite, boulders, and plantings.  The primary purpose for this change is to ensure the Association is in compliance with water runoff requirements from the City of San Diego’s Stormwater department. This requirement was not in effect at the time 1Mission was being built, however a new law went into effect several years ago that the City is now enforcing.  The Association has received two violations specific to this issue, which can range from $10K to $15K per violation.  To date, the Association has been able to work with the City to forego paying any violations with the understanding 1Mission would make the necessary changes to bring the community in compliance with the water runoff requirements.  A request for proposal and statement of work have been created and sent to 3 landscaping companies for bids however due to COVID-19 related staffing issues none of the landscapers have been able to respond yet.

Planter Work

Please be aware members of the Common Area Committee and Mission Hills Nursery will be working in the planters to reconfigure the irrigation and drains.  This work is also related to the stormwater law enforcement and is being done to prevent water runoff into the building sump, which then gets pumped out to the street.

Annual Fire Inspection

HCI will be on site September 14th and 15th to perform the State mandated Annual Fire Sprinkler System inspection.  This will require access to every unit.  Residents can provide a key and waiver form to ProTec Engineering if they will not be here to provide access.  Action will be sending additional scheduling and process information, including HCI’s COVID-19 protocols, soon.

September 2020 Board Meeting

The September Board meeting will be virtual meeting held on September 14th  due to September 7th  being a Holiday.  Action will send out meeting information with how to log into the meeting.  The Open Session begins at 6:30pm, and Owners are welcome to attend.

1Mission Community Contact List

In order to stay in contact with your neighbors, please consider adding your contact information to the 1Mission community contact list.  The next scheduled update to the list will be sent out in October.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to by September 30th . If a number of requests are received an update will be sent earlier.

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