May 2020 Newsletter

Posted By on August 7, 2020

Window Washing

The issues with the Association’s window washing life and safety equipment have been resolved.  Window washing is scheduled to take place starting Monday June 8th.  Please make sure your windows are closed while the workers are on site to avoid water entering your unit.  Owners are responsible for cleaning windows on their decks or patios.  Ultra Building Services is able to provide interior glass and balcony glass cleaning to all 1Mission residents. If you are interested in this service and would like a quote, please contact Carlos Lopez directly at 619.315.9697 and he will schedule a date directly with you.  Please see email from Action Property Management sent on May 28th with additional information about this service.

May 2020 Annual Meeting

The Association’s Annual Meeting and Election was held on Monday, May 5, 2020 as a virtual meeting.  An organizational meeting was held afterwards.  Kurt Gering and Bill Persky were reelected to the board.  The officer positions remain unchanged, with Chris Weaver as President, Bill Persky as Vice President, Andrea Bauer as Treasurer, and Kurt Gering as Secretary.

Please keep in mind that Board members are volunteers who are responsible for overseeing the management of the building by Action.  Issues or complaints should be directed to Action, not Board members.

June 2020 Board Meeting

The June Board meeting will be held on June 1st as a virtual meeting.  Action will send out meeting information.  The Open Session begins at 6:30pm, and Owners are welcome to attend.

Recycling Bins

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the building has understandably seen a significant increase in home deliveries.  In an effort to help navigate the increase in recyclable materials, please breakdown boxes prior to disposing in recycling bins.  If floor specific bins are full or you have an oversized box, please take recycling to the large bin located in the G1 trash room.  The Association’s day porter, Raquel, uses the bin located in the G2 recycling room as it is lower and more accessible for her to empty the bins from each floor.

Grass Replacement Project

As requested by the Board, the Common Area Committee has been working on a project to remove the grass from the parkways on Fort Stockton Drive and Falcon Street.  The plan is to have the grass replaced with decomposed granite, boulders, and plantings.  The primary purpose for this change is to ensure the Association is in compliance with water runoff requirements from the City of San Diego’s Stormwater department. This requirement was not in effect at the time 1Mission was being built, however a new law went into effect several years ago that the City is now enforcing.  The Association has received two violations specific to this issue, which can range from $10K to $15K per violation.  To date, the Association has been able to work with the City to forego paying any violations with the understanding, 1Mission would make the necessary changes to bring the community in compliance with the water runoff requirements.  A request for proposal and statement of work have been created and sent to 3 landscaping companies for bids. 

Homeless Population 

Homelessness is an extremely complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our community.  There are no easy solutions.  In an effort to understand and address this issue, the Board has looked for guidance from the City of San Diego and the San Diego Police Department (SDPD). 

The Association has a “Letter of Agency” on file with the local police, in conjunction with NO TRESPASSING signs located at the two entrances of the Paseo area that include specific verbiage as outlined in the guidance from the police department. 

What does this mean?  Having a Letter of Agency on file authorizes the SDPD to enter the property to investigate suspicious activity and to arrest people who are trespassing or committing a crime.

What can you do?  The best thing for homeowners to do is to contact the SDPD if the presence of the homeless population concerns you.  The more homeowners who call, the more responsive the SDPD will be in addressing the complaints.  Police resources (regular patrols not relating to emergency calls) are reallocated regularly based on the police reports that are filed.

If you witness a homeless person on the property, residents are encouraged to call the SDPD non-emergency number at 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154, to report the situation.  If you are unable to call, there is the option of reporting non-emergencies on-line (see below), which can help the police gain a better idea of the frequency that occurs at 1Mission.

If it is an emergency situation where a crime is in progress or about to happen, and involves serious personal injury, property damage or property loss, call 911.

Additional information on dealing with homelessness can be found at:

Reporting of Non-Emergencies:  It is important for homeowners to report ANY type of crime that occurs in or around 1Mission.  SDPD allocates resources based on the number of police reports filed, therefore, if the police see trends relating to certain types of crimes (e.g. package thefts, thefts from the garage, etc.) they will increase patrols in the area. Most non-emergency police reports can be filed on line at, or you can call the SDPD’s 24-hour number for non-emergency calls and general information at (619) 531-2000.


Please be advised that the Board and Action Property Management are working with ProTec Janitorial Services to implement measures to address concerns about the transmission of COVID-19.  Our day porter Raquel is cleaning and sanitizing the entrance door surfaces and elevator buttons at least 3 times per day and has increased cleaning and sanitizing of the mail room and recycling bin lids as well as the trash chute handles.  We request that residents be responsible for the entrances to their units so that Raquel can focus on the common areas. 

Residents are welcome to disinfect surfaces as they enter and exit the property on the weekends, or remain at home, as ProTec is not on site on those days.

Please do not discard wipes or other non-toilet paper products in the toilets. is a resource for staying up to date with the guidelines and mandates during this time.

1Mission Community Contact List

In order to stay in contact with your neighbors, please consider adding your contact information to the 1Mission community contact list.  The next scheduled update to the list will be sent out in July.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to by June 30.  If a number of requests are received an update will be sent earlier.

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