December 2020 Newsletter

Posted By on December 8, 2020

Security Update

Please do not leave keys, fobs, or valuables in your car.  The recent rekeying of the common area locks cost the association over $1,700.  The Common Area Committee is evaluating additional measures for improving the security of the residential parking areas.  At the November meeting the Board approved purchasing a heavier door with a 3-point lock for the storage area on G1 that was broken into twice.

Upcoming Mailers

The Board approved the 2021 budget and reserve study at the November meeting.  Action has sent the informational packet to owners via email and a hard copy is following in the mail.  If your monthly dues are setup as an automatic payment, please update your payment amount starting in January to avoid late fees and interest.

The request for Board candidates will also be mailed out soon.  There are 3 seats open in 2021, so if you would like to be involved in running the Association please submit your candidate statement before January 4th.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are allowed from the day after Thanksgiving until January 10th.  No owner or resident may place decorations on plants or other areas within the Association’s common areas.  Please ensure that holiday lights do not disturb other residences.

Holiday Gratuity

The Association does not provide holiday bonuses to vendors that work in the building.  Based on feedback from the membership, it was determined several years ago that recognizing 1Mission’s building engineer and janitorial staff during the holiday season would reside with individual owners.  This is a very delicate topic that people may handle in very different ways. The Association wants to provide owners the ability to recognize the people who care for our building as he/she determines as appropriate.


During the holiday season the building will naturally encounter an increase in cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials.  Please remember to break down all boxes before putting them in the blue recycle bins.  If the bins are full please hand carry recyclables to the large bins located in G1 and G2.  The floor in each of the small trash rooms must remain clear of any trash or recycling. 

Grass Replacement Project Update

As mentioned in the May newsletter, the Common Area Committee (CAC) has been working on a project to remove the grass from the parkways on Fort Stockton Drive and Falcon Street.  The plan is to have the grass replaced with crushed granite, boulders, and plantings.  The first RFP was sent out to multiple vendors in March 2020, however due to COVID-19, vendors were not in a position to respond to the RFP due to staffing challenges.  A second RFP was sent out in the fall, and to date the Association received 2 proposals that were reviewed at the November Board meeting.  The CAC and the Board felt the proposals were not comparable so additional vendors have been identified and proposals requested.

COVID-19, Face Coverings and Elevator Etiquette

Please be aware that the California face covering mandate applies to the hallways and common areas at 1Mission which are considered public spaces.  The full policy including exemptions can be found at:

If you are planning to have any work done in your unit or services provided by a vendor, you are responsible for ensuring they adhere to the requirements.

The requirement for social distancing also applies to the elevators, so please avoid crowding the elevators and be understanding if your neighbors may wish to travel in the elevators alone.

Please do not press the elevator buttons with your shoes as this is very unsanitary for your neighbors. is a resource for staying up to date with the guidelines and mandates during this time.

1Mission Community Contact List

In order to stay in contact with your neighbors, please consider adding your contact information to the 1Mission community contact list.  The next scheduled update to the list will be sent out in January.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to by December 31st . If a number of requests are received an update will be sent earlier.

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