February 2021 Newsletter

Posted By on March 24, 2021

Cushion Update

The Association’s cushion vendor was able to fabricate extra cushions from the fabric from the first order, so we now have a full complement of cushions for the seven teak chairs on the patio.  The Common Area Committee (CAC) is cleaning and waterproofing the existing cushions to extend their life so some may be missing from the cushion lockers for the next week or two.  As part of this effort, the CAC has observed a lot of pet hair on the cushions.  Please use a towel or sheet if you wish to share the seat with your furry friend, as some residents may have pet allergies or don’t want to get pet hair on their clothes.  Please return the cushions to the storage bins when you are finished to help prevent additional thefts.


The Association has contracted with Countywide Mechanical Systems to perform Hydrojetting of the horizontal sanitary pipes in the garage and cabling of the kitchen plumbing stacks. This is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 5th.  Action Property Management will be providing scheduling information as the date nears.  This will require access to all units.  Based on recommendations from several vendors for maintenance of the common plumbing lines, only units on the 5th and 3rd floors will have the cabling through the kitchen sinks, meaning the underneath of the sink will need to be cleared for this work.  4th floor units will need to be accessed just to verify there are not any backups while the work is being performed.  At this time, it is not anticipated that access to townhomes will be required.    

Please do not put grease, oil, coffee grounds, egg shells, potato peels, etc., or “flushable” wipes down the drains to avoid backups that can cause flooding in your, or your neighbor’s, units.  Keep in mind that the grinding teeth in garbage disposals wear out and may not be grinding food waste sufficiently to avoid backups.

The Association does not currently have a preferred plumber.

March 2021 Annual Meeting

The Association’s Annual Meeting and Election will be held on Monday, March 8, 2021 as a virtual meeting.  Owners should have received a ballot by now.  If you have not, please contact Action Property Management.  In order to comply with the meeting notice requirements, Election Inspectors will be present in the 4th floor elevator lobby from 5:40pm until 6:00pm to collect ballots that have not been mailed in, but no physical meeting will be held there. Owners can join the meeting via zoom at https://actionlife.zoom.us/j/96983049778.  Once the Inspectors have reported the results of the voting the new Board will hold an organizational meeting to appoint board positions via the same zoom link.

Grass Replacement Project Update

The grass replacement project is scheduled to commence the week of March 1st.  The grass will be replaced with crushed granite, boulders, and plantings, and the spray irrigation will be replaced with drip irrigation.  Since most of the grass has died there will be no need to apply any herbicides.

COVID-19, Face Coverings and Elevator Etiquette

Please be aware the California face covering mandate applies to the hallways and common areas at 1Mission which are considered public spaces.  The full policy including exemptions can be found at:


If you are planning to have work done in your unit or services provided by a vendor, you are responsible for ensuring they adhere to the requirements.

The requirement for social distancing also applies to the elevators, so please avoid crowding the elevators and be understanding if your neighbors may wish to travel in the elevators alone.

Please do not press the elevator buttons with your shoes as this is very unsanitary for your neighbors.

SanDiegoCounty.gov is a resource for staying up to date with the guidelines and mandates during this time.

1Mission Community Contact List

In order to stay in contact with your neighbors, please consider adding your contact information to the 1Mission community contact list.  The next scheduled update to the list will be sent out in April.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to 1Mcommunity.list.opt.in@gmail.com by March 31st. If a number of requests are received an update will be sent earlier.

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