August 2021 Newsletter

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There have been several developments related to security at 1Mission recently.  The Common Area Committee (CAC) performed a property walk with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Western Division Community Liaison Officer, David Surwilo, to identify areas of potential improvement in building security.  The CAC is investigating his recommendations.  Management is currently working to schedule a Town Hall meeting with Officer Surwilo to provide residents the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.  Meeting information will be provided once a date is confirmed.

A door access code has been provided to the SDPD that can be used to enter the building.  The SDPD dispatcher’s database has been updated with 1Mission’s access code information.

The Board has approved changing security patrol companies due to performance related issues.  The change in vendors takes effect on September 1.

It was recently identified that it is possible to open the pedestrian gates from the outside with a piece of wire.  The CAC is working to identify solutions to address this issue.

The CAC is also working with an Architect to determine if it is feasible to add gates to the south stairwell above the first floor and below the G1 level to restrict access for the general public.  If feasible, the proposed solution will require review and permitting by the City of San Diego.   Should you choose to use the stairwells, keep in mind the west stairwell is not impacted by public access.

The Board approved adding an extension to the patio gate to prevent reaching over the gate and opening it with the panic bar.  A closer will also be added in an effort to have the gate close property.  It will also add a closer so the gate doesn’t stay open.  The extension should be installed on August 18th.  Once that is installed it will be necessary to use a common area key to enter the patio from the paseo.           

It was suggested at the August Board meeting that residents exchange contact information with neighbors in an effort to establish a phone tree.  The community contact list (see last paragraph below) currently exists for owners/residents that wish to participate as this type information can only be provided on a voluntary basis, and in turn shared with other participating owners/residents.  Neither Management nor the Association is able to be involved in the providing of information of this nature to owners/residents.  Please keep in mind that 911 should always be called first in the event of an emergency. 

It was confirmed at the August meeting that owners may install security systems in their units.  Keep in mind that if the system has an audible alert, false alarms could potentially result in nuisance violations of the CC&Rs.  Video recording devices are not allowed on balconies or porches as these areas are considered exclusive use common areas and belong to the Association.  It is also prohibited by the CC&Rs to modify or drill into door and window frames.

No Dumping

Please do not dump large items in the trash or recycling rooms.  A set of box springs were recently found in the trash room, as well as discarded furniture and decorative items.  If you have items beyond standard household trash that you want to discard, please contact Action to arrange a special pickup by the Association’s waste vendor at your expense.   Trash is picked up 3 times a week and the amount of regular waste generated by residents means there isn’t extra space in the dumpsters.

Maintenance Issues

If you identify maintenance issues in the common areas, please contact Action’s Community Care or open a work order on the resident portal.  While the Common Area Committee performs a formal walk on a monthly basis with our Building Engineer, it is a point in time only and they may not see everything, especially lighting that is not on during the day.  The Building Engineer is currently working to restore all landscape lighting

EV Charging Committee

The EV Charging Committee held its first meeting on August 5th.  The Committee is tasked with investigating options for the installation of charging stations and providing the Board with recommendations that include supporting details.

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