October 2021 Newsletter

Posted By on January 3, 2022

Rock and Roll Marathon

Please be aware that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is being held Sunday October 24, 2021.  Fort Stockton Drive, Goldfinch Avenue, and Eagle Street will be closed from 5:30am until approximately 11:30am.  Expect delays and traffic congestion during that time.  More information can be found at:    https://www.runrocknroll.com/san-diego-road-closure

2022 Budget

The Board approved the 2022 budget at the October 18th open session meeting.  Assessments will increase by 9% starting January 1st.  This increase is needed to address rising costs in a number of areas.  Our Janitorial and Building Engineer costs are increasing related to the final year of increases to the minimum wage.  Our security costs have significantly increased due to a change in vendors to address unacceptable performance from our previous vendor.  Our insurance broker is anticipating a 10% increase to the Association’s Master and Earthquake insurance policies when both are up for renewal on June 1st. The Board also increased the monthly contribution to the reserve account, which is 62% funded, in anticipation of the need to replace several systems in the building well before their anticipated useful life, which negatively impacts our current reserve cash balance.  We are also in a position of needing to increase the budget for bad debt expense based due to the current trend in the Association’s 2021 bad debt expenses YTD.  A mailer will be sent out with a detailed line-item budget and the new assessment amounts per unit by December 1st.

Washing Machine and Unit Shutoff Valves

There have been several times recently when washing machine deliveries have needed to be rescheduled due to faulty or corroded washer shutoff valves.  You may want to inspect your valves before arranging for delivery and installation.  Also, there are main water shutoff valves in each unit that should be exercised periodically to ensure proper operation when needed.

Grill Operation

The Barbeque grills are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  In order to light the grills, remove the grill cover and make sure all of the burner valves are turned off.  Then open the hatch below the grill and turn the red valve until it is inline with the gas pipe.  Then rotate the timer clockwise until it stops.  Close the hatch.  Press the ignitor button while you hear it clicking and then turn on the burner valve for the desired burner.  Discontinue pressing the ignitor once you see the burner is lit.  Repeat for additional burners if desired.  Once you are done grilling, open the hatch and turn the red valve so it is at a right angle to the gas pipe.  Please use the grill brush on the grilling surface to it is ready for the next user.  Once the grill has cooled, please replace the cover.  The Building Engineer tests the ignitors frequently but if you experience problems, please report it to Action.

Falcon Gate Operation

1Mission’s swing gate vendor recently diagnosed that there is significant radio frequency interference near the swing gate at the top of the ramp that is closed between 11pm and 6am, which results in intermittent operation when attempting to open with a fob.  The antenna has been relocated to the street side of the arch which improves reliability; however, it still may be necessary to get as close as possible to the gate and press the button multiple times.  A defective photo eye was also replaced which was causing the gate to stay open during the night.

Trash and Recycling

There have been several times recently when bags of trash have been left in the hallways or common areas.  Please put trash in the trash chute or take it to the trash room on G1.  Oversized items such as broom handles should be not be put in the trash chute as they can cause the chute to become jammed.  As a courtesy to your neighbors, please take large recycling items to the bins on G1 or G2 and collapse boxes.  Household items should not be put in the recycling bins.

1Mission Community Contact List

In order to stay in contact with your neighbors, please consider adding your contact information to the 1Mission community contact list.  The next scheduled update to the list will be sent out in January.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes, please send an email with your information or update to 1Mcommunity.list.opt.in@gmail.com by January 1st.  If a number of requests are received an update will be sent earlier.

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